Calabria Land

I know Calabria, in Italy, very well. My wife comes from there. But before meeting my wife, I had already enjoyed a vacation there.

Over the years, I've visited and discovered many beautiful places of interest in Calabria. The pics below come from two very famous places there: Capo Vaticano and Tropea. Quite close to one another, these areas are the most popular with tourists and they are renowned for their beauty and suggestive landscape.

There are also many other beautiful and interesting places however, which are not as well known to mass tourism. Not only the coastal areas but other places where you can indulge your interest in ancient art.

The pics

Tropea - Church of Saint Mary of the Island Tropea - Landscape Tropea - Landscape
Tropea - The beach Capo Vaticano - Landscape Capo Vaticano - Landscape
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